Monday, April 2, 2012

Self-Healing from Trauma Series on Facebook

Last week we started the Self-Healing from Trauma Series on the Tailored Life Coaching Facebook fan page.  Tomorrow will be the start of block 2.  Please come join us!!

Below is Block 1 if you want to work on it this week along with block 2.

Self-Healing from Trauma: Block 1 ~ What makes YOU feel good?
Make a list of what you are already doing each day that makes you feel good. Some examples of this could be anything from eating breakfast to taking a shower to watching your favorite show. I know for me some days are so bad I am just proud of myself for getting out of bed. No matter what you put on your list make sure it is something that makes you feel good.
After you make your list I want you to try to do a few things from that list each and every day for the next week. You may like keeping up with your list in a journal and writing your feelings each day about what you did and how you felt. Or, you may prefer to just sit quietly each evening or morning and think of your list and what you have done that has made you feel better.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stones and Crystals Healing Properties

Many people throughout history have used gem stones and crystals for their healing properties.  Some people go by the color of the stone rather than it’s type, while others go by the type of stone rather than just color.  Here is a short list of stones that you could use to get started with using crystals and stones.

I’ve linked each stone name to the Wiki Article detailing it’s make up and scientific facts.  Below the list there are some links that I’ve found to be useful as well.

Amethyst: Promotes inner peace, strength and contentment.  It is also  said to enhance psychic and creative abilities. It can also used to support sobriety and help break other addictions.

Amazonite: A powerful gemstone for creative people, it encourages heartfelt communication with loved ones.

Amber: Amber, which is fossilized tree resin, is used to open up the crown chakra and increase physical vitality and energy flow throughout the body.

Bloodstone: Good for the heart, improving oxygen through the bloodstream and encouraging relaxation and reducing emotional stress.

Blue Lace Agate: Can be used to aid in the healing of bone and skeletal maladies. It is said to promote the healing of broken bones and fractures.

Carnelian: By helping to promote feelings of love and acceptance, carnelian helps to reduce feelings of fear, insecurity and anger. Also good for actors and those in the theater.

Citrine: Known as a "merchant" stone, citrine is believed to attract money and increase business. It also raises self esteem and warm feelings of hope.

Fluorite: Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Facilitates inter-dimensional communication.

Garnet: The stone of love and commitment, garnet helps balance energy in and around the body and promote feelings of love for oneself and others.

Green Jade: Said to be a stone of good luck, green jade helps promote peace within and in the world around us.

Hematite: A gem said to encourage inner peace and happiness and increase focus and confidence.

Iolite: Encourages responsibility with money and eliminate debt. Also used to promote harmony in relationships.

Jasper: A gem of protection and nurturing, jasper is said to cleanse auras and provide protection against negative energies. It also promotes a sense of brotherhood and "green" outlook on the world.

Lapis Lazuli: The stone of royalty, known to increase strength and vitality. Also to protect its wearer from physical and psychic danger.

Malachite: The stone of transition, malachite helps balance and ground one's energy and stay on the right path. Also used in the treatment of swollen joints, broken bones and torn muscles.

Moonstone: Called the "traveler's stone," moonstone is a gem of good fortune and protection when traveling.

Obsidian: Known as the "mirror stone" because it helps one look within and address personal issues that need to be dealt with. Promotes forgiveness.

Onyx: Used to enhance the ability to make good decisions, encourage happiness and attract good fortune.

Peridot: Provides a shield of protection to block out negativity and helps to promote inner happiness and letting go of anger and jealousy.

Quartz: A stone of power, quartz is known to promote harmony and align energies within and around the body.

Rose Quartz: Helps calm energy, remove negativity and heal emotional pain. Good to have around chaotic environments.

Sodalite: Promotes psychic abilities and helps to calm and clear the mind. Also used to strengthens the metabolism and lymphatic system.

Tiger’s Eye: Encourages clarity of mind, enhances psychic ability, and promotes the attainment and management of wealth.

Turquoise: Good for creative expression and promoting open communication and friendship. Used in the treatment of lung, circulation and respiratory issues.

Unakite: Promotes emotional balance, also used to stimulate healthy pregnancies and babies. Also used to examine the underlying cause of disease.

Most Crystals and Stones used in healing are called different names by different users, which can ultimately become confusing. I found a good list HERE that helps decipher some of the names and lessen the confusion.

For Crystal and Stone Identification by color I use this site:

Please note that although I’m giving this information about stones I’m NOT telling anyone to stop seeking medical treatment or care for conditions.  This is only information and how you use it is on you.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guy's Perspective: Stress, Life, and how to not let them control you (part 2)

Last post I spoke of how the Ch'i can affect our bodies and our moods. It is this affect on our being that effects those who are around us. We as human beings are social creatures and crave, nay require interaction with other people. A problem that occurs, with some of us, is that in our search for a connection with someone else, we morph our beliefs, emotions, and very thoughts to what others around us believe, feel, or think.  In an article written by Dr. Athena Staik, ( she says: "Life is a learning journey. We are each unique beings living in a world surrounded by unique others, with whom, paradoxically, we also share a lot in common. The best and perhaps only way to really understand others is to know and understand ourselves." One method of understanding ourselves is through meditation.
There are as many ways to meditate, as there are people in the world.  The reason for this is due to what is in the paragraph above, our uniqueness.  Meditation is simply a state of mind. It is a tool used to achieve an insight into what is our center. Finding what is in the center of our "uniqueness", keeps us grounded into what makes us an individual.  It helps us to not get lost in other people's beliefs, emotions, or thoughts. If everyday you reach into yourself for a little sense of peace, then all the stresses you come into contact with will be more manageable.  Think about this way, that stress is your belief of what you think others require of you. You would have no stress if you were in control of what was required of you. This is not a revelation, but no one can control you but you. Your thoughts, your ideas, your actions, and mostly your decisions are all controlled by you.  A therapist once told me that all we can control is our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions.  Sounds like the same idea.  But these are not new ideas, thousands of years ago a great philosopher Lao Tzu said; "“When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.”  This is the state meditation assists us in acquiring.  
If you have never tried mediation, start by simply sitting somewhere fairly quiet.  Sit with your legs crossed for balance, if you can, or just sit. Close your eyes, and don't think.  Now I know you are probably saying, I can't just sit and not think.  I had the same problems when I started, my mind was not able to shut down my thoughts.  So, focus your thoughts on your breathing. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth, and count your breathes.  Each cycle of breath is inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth. That is one breath.  Focus your thoughts on visualizing a white number on a black background.  As you take each breath, focus only on the number.  See it in your mind as if you were looking at it on a page.  Allow the number to change as you breathe.  Your breaths must be slow, allow yourself to let go and just see the number as you breathe.  Do this until you are able to focus solely on the number with no other thoughts creeping in.  It may not happen the first few times you meditate.  It will happen eventually though, remember the point is not to have a goal or destination, but the trip itself.  Relax, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

Guy's Perspective: Stress, Life, and how to not let them control you (part 2)