Monday, December 24, 2007

Products from Tailored Life Coaching

Go Empower Yourself Through Gods Word: A Bible Study Guide for regaining your faith in God after abuse. Are you mad at God? Do you feel like He has turned His back on you or maybe that He doesn’t exist at all? If you answered either of these questions with a yes or even a maybe, then these Bible studies are written for you. Through our abuse, we often loose our faith in God and often we will find ourselves questioning everything to do with Jesus. You can get back in touch with God; in fact, He wants you to. Jesus understands our pain and our suffering and can’t wait for us to reach for Him. FREE Download

Reiki Level I Guide: This Level I Reiki course will allow you to learn Reiki at your own pace. You can choose to submit course work for evaluation. I am available to you throughout, to help you or answer questions. The goal of this Reiki Level I Course is to teach you to connect to the energy that we are all born with, which can be used for healing. You will learn what Reiki is, the history, a brief overview of Chakras, techniques for using Reiki, and the legalities and ethics involved with using Reiki to heal others. There are four assignments and a final exam, two of the assignments involve writing and two involve case studies. This course and the Level I Attunement are FREE. If you need a certificate of completion, I ask that you make an offering to cover the postage. I will not give certificates to those that do not submit course work, regardless of whether you were attuned or not. I also will not email certificates. All certificates will be sent through the postal service. FREE Download

Self-Healing from Trauma Series: Stop just surviving and start healing! Healing the trauma of an abusive relationship can be difficult. At times you may think that you will never be able to be the person you were before or even the person that you want to be. This is partially true; you can not go back to being the person you were before. You have been changed but you have also been made stronger along with this change. No one chooses to be abused, but you can choose to heal from abuse! FREE Online