Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Understanding the Cycle of Healing

Before you can begin to heal from the physical, emotional, psychological abuse you have suffered you must realize that all forms of abuse create emotional and spiritual trauma that must also be dealt with. Human beings are made up of three parts; body, mind, and soul. Each of the three aspects of a human being must be tended to in order for that person to feel healthy and be happy. When any one of those three aspects is abused all three are affected and can have a dramatic influence on the person’s life.

Throughout this blog the words emotional and spiritual will be used to make the distinction between your feelings and what you believe. You can take the word spiritual to have a religious meaning or not. Either way you look at it will work. Read it the way that is right for you, no one can determine that for you. Each person has their own set of beliefs and those are not easily changed. Some think beliefs are religious or include religious aspects, and others don’t. Look at it which ever way is comfortable for you, no attempt is being made to change the way you believe.

Self-help and healing has become more popular in recent years for people that do not have problems that require the attention of medical and mental health care providers. You should however make sound decisions about seeking the services of trained professionals based on your personal situation and not follow any advice that you do not think is right for you without first consulting with a trained professional. You should not attempt to self-diagnose or allow others that are not trained professionals to diagnose for you. There are changes that anyone can make in their daily lives that will make them feel better, be happier, etc. that can be made without diagnosing a specific problem.

Most self-help books, videos, classes and sessions tend to be geared towards everyday common problems that most people feel. Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors however, tend to feel things differently than most people. Emotions get warped after suffering abuse, perceptions are thrown out of balance and life in general tends to be looked at differently by a person who has suffered abuse. With that in mind let’s begin to look at some of the most common areas that are affected.

Our needs, emotions, and beliefs are all areas where we can make positive changes to help in dealing with and then healing from trauma and abuse. These things are best looked at individually and then worked on together. However, you can start to work on each thing as you are looking through that area, if you feel that is best for you.

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