Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Relaxation Techniques: Cleansing Techniques

Long baths or showers can prove to be very relaxing when you have the time. Baths tend to be more relaxing for most people but even if you don’t have the time for a long bath to just soak away aches and pains both physically and emotionally, you can just stay in the shower a little longer.

If you need a quick cleansing pick me up, try this after you have finished your normal shower routine. Turn the water to a little hotter than normal. With the water running on your back do a few five second count deep breaths while stretching your arms above your head as high as you can comfortably go, clear your thoughts, and breathe out the negative feelings as you bring your arms down. Sometimes it will help to imagine that your worries, fears and problems are going down the drain with the water.

Using candles, music, incense or other things of this nature that you find soothing will make a bath or shower more relaxing.

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