Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Relaxation Techniques: Journaling

Journaling can be very relaxing. It is also a good way to get things out of your head for a while or to organize your thoughts. Some people take to journaling quite easily and others seem they are forcing themselves to do some task that is really very painful. If you feel the need to write and can’t think of what to write, just start writing whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense and more than likely won’t at first, but just keep on writing. After an abusive relationship we will sometimes feel that everything in our heads is just spinning around and makes no sense. Putting these thoughts on paper is a good way to order them so that we can address issues that need to be addressed and put to rest the ones we determine aren’t worth the time it would take to address them.

Picking a journal can be fun. Don’t let this become a chore. Choose a journal that makes sense to you or looks inviting to you. Some will pick a nice sophisticated leather bound tome with elegant paper, others may choose a three ring binder that they draw a cover for themselves, and yet others will pick something in between. Be creative with it; get colored pens or pencils to reflect your moods. If you end up with a journal that you don’t like the looks of the cover or it reminds you of something bad then you will not use it.

You can make different sections for different things, or have entirely different journals for different things. Personally I like to use spiral bound journals and I have different ones for different things. I also use a three ring binder when working from lists so that I can change the order of things when needed without tearing out pages that will probably get lost. I even use an electronic journal at times because typing is faster for me, although the motion of writing is soothing and relaxing.

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