Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Grieving Process 3: Responding to loss

Right after the denial comes the "I'm going crazy". Up until this point you have only been coping; because, in the back of your mind, you still thought it was all just going to go away. You still have not really responded to the emotions that were created when the abuse finally ended. This is usually several months and maybe even years after the abuse ended, and you can't seem to understand that while your life is seemingly (to you anyway) crashing down around your ears still, no one else seems to notice.

Most of the symptoms associated with mental illness are displayed during this time in the process. You may actually think you are going crazy. It is at this point that you will realize you were only coping and the depression is getting worse. This is when you need basic human interaction, on the simplest of levels....someone to talk to.

That person can be anyone and may not even know the entire story. They really need not even be active in answering, just be an active listener. Talking is the best way to get that energy I talked about earlier out of our systems.

With the talking comes to the tears (yeah, I am finally getting to my point), there is some evidence that suggests that the tears that are cried from sorrow and grief are more toxic than any other types of our tears. These toxins are the bad hormones that have built up in our bodies during our grieving process.....weird huh? Ever wonder way those tears burn and sting your face and none of the others do???? Just a thought to ponder! And, now we are back to the final release of energy...the anger....see how that all works in a cycle??

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