Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self-Healing from Trauma Block 8: Analyze your feelings

This is the last block in the Self-Healing from Trauma Series.  You can go through the exercises as many times as you need to in order to work out your needs and feelings.

You may have already noticed that by answering the questions about your emotions you are finding out things that you really hadn’t thought of before this point. Answer the questions (from Block 7) about these new feelings that arise, the same as you have the ones you already realized. Understanding exactly what you are feeling at any given time and knowing what actions will trigger what feelings will allow you to be in control of yourself.

For now, just knowing what emotions you are having is enough. You do not really need to do any major in depth analysis about how to re-route your feelings or how to change them. You only need to put them into order as to the ones that you feel you want to work on changing or getting rid of all together and the ones you want to keep or increase, and have a firm understanding as to why you what to do so.

You may have also realized that there are emotions that you wish to experience that you are not experiencing at this time. Those feelings may be on your needs list. It is possible that you listed happiness as a need, since emotions or feelings can be needed. Or you may not have realized that you were missing some feeling you’d like to have until doing this assessment, and you can now go back and add this to your needs list.

Continue to work back and forth through your needs and feelings as you can or as you  feel it is needed until you can work through and gotten rid of your feelings that you no longer desire having and have achieved the things on your needs list.  If you never complete each list that is fine, as this is always a work in progress just as our lives are.

As you work with your lists add the things that you feel need to be added, while at the same time working to remove the things that you need to remove.  If you ever want to have feed back with any of this or to begin one to one sessions please email me at:  mary@tailoredlifecoaching.com

Go Empower Yourself!

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