Friday, September 5, 2008

Self-Healing from Trauma Re-Cap

This is a re-cap of what has already been posted in the Self-Healing from Trauma series that I have been working on.  I am doing this re-cap for those that are just joining us, so they can catch up.  Next week I will resume the series.

For those that have already been working through this, take this time to review.

(Please click on the links below to go to that block and work through that before moving onto the next block.)

Block 1: What makes me feel good?
Block 2: What do I enjoy?
Block 3: Who are you now?
Block 4: What do YOU need?
Block 5: Analyze you needs
Block 6: Relaxation Techniques

If at any time while working through these exercises you want feed back or have questions please email me at:

Next week we will start with emotions.  Remember to work at your own pace and do not stress yourself out over these exercises!  Do what you can, when you can; and make sure to have your Enjoyment Basket (see Block 2) handy when doing any self work.

Go Empower Yourself!

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