Friday, October 17, 2008

Instead Softcups: Be Nice to Your Vagina

This post is all for the ladies...well the guys may want to know only one thing about the Instead Softcups....they make it possible to have mess free sex while your lady is on her period.  HOWEVER, don't push her into trying or using them just for that reason...just have her read about them and let HER decide, after all it IS her body!

Now...for the details.  I decided to be your guinea pig, without you even asking.  The whole idea of these things intrigued me...even though I am VERY disgusted by my period.  Some of this is a little graphic...but ladies we should get to know our bodies and love them as they are and that means ALL of our body ALL of the time!!!!

  • You can wear twice as long (up to 12 hours) as you usually wear a tampon (not sure about pads)
  • They are safer, as in they do not cause TSS!!  These things are much better for you than bleached cotton!!! 
  • You really can have mess free sex, and chances are neither of you will even notice it is there.

For the rest of the benefits and all the FAQ please go to the Instead Softcup web site, the three things I point out above are just why I wanted to try them.

(BTW, I have been asked how to tell which words are actual links in my posts...the links are the words that are purple; anything I am using color to highlight it will be something other than blue or purple.)

Now, for the 'dirty' details:  Yes, you have to use your very own fingers (unless you really prefer to use someone else's), there is no applicator or pull string to get it in and out of there.   But, hey it is your vagina you should already be familiar with it and if you aren't you should be. 

Angela Shelton did a little demo video (rated E for Everyone, nothing R rated about it, get your minds outta the gutter!) on how to insert and remove the softcup:  Care for Your Vaginas  Go watch that, then come back here and finish reading...go on, I'll wait!

Ok, glad you are back, and you are more than likely sitting there going EEEEWWWW, GROSS, NO WAY!!!!!!  Well, bear with me here, it isn't that bad.  I thought it would be but wanted to try it anyway.  So I decided to get a box and got a box of latex gloves also, ya know, just in case.

I did great up until today, my first heavy day (and for me a heavy day consists of changing a SuperPlus Tampon every 1-2 hours, this usually lasts for three days and I get NO sleep ssssoooooo, now you can see why I was dead set to try these, at least changing them every 2-4 hours would let me take flippin' naps!!!), today I made many messes....see I knew already that I am clumsy and would make a mess that is why I bought the gloves, to use until I get the hang of this.

Now, most people would tell me to get over it and stop using the gloves....I can't, I just can't.  I have long nails and I don't care how many times I wash my hands they will "feel" unclean.....

I did almost give up today, I did use a tampon a couple times also.  But, I have kept trying and I am hoping that tomorrow will be easier on me...LOL!  PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT!!!!!!  I admit, I plan to wear a tampon and pad and take VERY short naps tonight because I know how long those last....until I get completely comfortable with the timing of the softcups I do not plan to sleep in them.

Two things happened today that have made me really want to get the hang of this and use these. 

First off I decided to be daring.....I wore a thong, cause well I like them and I really hate having to wear granny panties during my period.  They are uncomfortable for me and well, let's face it they leave a panty line.  As I said before I am very clumsy and not at all graceful by any stretch of the imagination, that said: I loved being able to wear a thong while on my period and not having the string from my tampon get wrapped around the stupid thong and the tampon come flying out mid take down.  Now, granted this has only happened to me once and that is because since then I never wear thongs or g-strings with tampons.....

Second good thing......I got to finish ALL my errands without having to stop and change.  That was just great!!!  So, yep the time frame was much better for me.

Now to the absolute greatest thing (well so far, since I haven't tried the sex thing yet)....NO FRIGGIN' NASTY SMELL.  Now, be honest, we all know that when air hits blood it smells putrefied!!  And, most women that I know (me included), worry about wether others can smell it or just them.....well guess what; with the softcup.....there is no smell cause no air can get to the blood until you remove it.

Speaking of removal again, I am getting a little better as the day goes on.  Making less of a mess even though my flow is getting heavier.  The key is to remove it VERY VERY SLOWLY and to keep it horizontal.  If you have visited the links above, you will notice that they tell you to bear down a little if you are having trouble hooking the lip with your finger.  Well, that worked when my flow was light.  The first time I did that once my flow was heavier the softcup went flying into the toilet like it was shot out of a just be careful, those muscles are stronger than you'd think!!!

So hope this helps ya!  Don't know how the sex thing is gonna work yet....but I plan on figuring that out this weekend...IF I can get over the whole 'I don't feel so sexy while bloated thingy'.  And, will update ya'll (well with his permission of course) check back next week for that update!


  1. LOL that takes a lot of nerve, good for you. I don't have periods anymore, but if I did, I sure would give these a try.

  2. Thank you Anonymous for the vote of confidence! Since you don't need to try these please pass the info on to those you know who do! Thanks!

  3. Yes-Iknow about these- but-- since I got "fixed" - I have no use for any products !!!!!!!

  4. Yep, Paws, I wish I were "fixed" so I wouldn't need them either...well except for the fact I do want to have more kids.....then I am getting FIXED too!! Thanks!

  5. On the removal issue, it gets easier each time. If you use the ring for birth control, its pretty much the same thing.