Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dealing with PTSD

Many of us have to deal with the after effects of what we have been through on a daily and even an hourly basis, and I wish I could tell ya'll that there is one thing that could make all of the symptoms of PTSD either more manageable or go away completely.  However, that is not the case, as PTSD is a complicated response to having to live through trauma.

There are several things that work differently for different people.  Writing is definitely one of those things! Not only are you getting it all out of your head for awhile, the motion of writing is soothing to many and is a form of therapy of its own.  So even if you don't feel like writing real words and/or complete sentences when you first start this process...then write nonsense!  Just write, that is the important thing.

Learning about PTSD and what it is and what it isn't is also a good first step.  Yes, yes, I are living it....therefore you know what it is.  But, learning about it will help you to understand what is happening to you.

Learning different relaxation techniques is very important!  I can't stress that enough.  You will need to learn different techniques because the problem with PTSD is that one thing will not work every time you have a panic attack, anxiety attack or anger attack.  You will need many many tools in your relaxation tool box to help you through each individual attack.  Also, normal everyday stress that people without PTSD can deal with and move on....well we can't.  A normal stress of just deciding what to make for dinner can send us into an attack of one kind or another.  Learning how to quickly calm yourself down with a relaxation technique will help you get through each day much smoother.  I personally add meditation and EFT into this category, but some don't see that they fit under relaxation.

Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are also important.  PTSD is not just an emotional or mental thing.  There is actually a chemical imbalance that goes on with it.  Regular exercise and eating healthy helps to ensure that your chemical and hormonal levels are as close to what they should be as possible.  Don't try to over do on the exercising, as I know that many of us can not go out on a run or lift weights in a gym or anything even close to these things.  That is not what I mean by regular exercise (unless of course you are physically able to do those things).  Even daily stretching is better than nothing.  One thing that I can do and have found helps me is Yoga.  There are several websites that offer free yoga tips and gives you a pic of what the poses should look like.  If you are interested in that and can't find what you need let me know and I can send out some links.

If you are not using medications to support you through learning to cope with PTSD then there are several herbal combinations that do help.  I used these for almost two years while waiting until I could receive medical benefits so that I could get the medications that I needed.  I am currently taking two meds for help in dealing with the PTSD and I am still using the herbal stuff.  I disagree with medications (personal choice and I am not trying to influence anyone with that) so my doctor and I found two that are not habit forming and that do not have lasting side effects.  There is no shame in getting the help that you need, to support you through learning to live with PTSD, as this is something that will not go will always have it; it is how you deal with it that counts!

For some, talk therapy works and for others it does not.  So if you are thinking about that do some research and see what all it entails.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  If you has any specific questions about what I have said or you need help researching things that may help you, please don't hesitate to ask me!

Go Empower Yourself!


  1. Now that's what I like to see -- a proactive, empowered post about PTSD!! We need more of these - so many more! You give wise advice here and cover a good range of the iceberg, enough for anyone to get started.

    I'm a trauma survivor who struggled with undiagnosed chronic-extreme PTSD for 25 years. And then I was diagnosed and went on a healing rampage. You're so right that educating ourselves is a necessary part of the mix.

    Now, I'm into my second year of being 100% PTSD-free. I write a healing PTSD blog that has a free healing workshop. Anyone can join in anytime. If I can heal after all those years, it's possible for everyone to bridge the gap between PTSD and a joyful life!

    Thank you for being such a great resource. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment! I looked at your blog as well and it is GREAT!!

    Congratulations on being PTSD-free!