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What is Self-Healing

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I agree with what he is saying here; we can not just expect to be healthy by only taking care of either the internal or the external.  We must care for ALL aspects of our being.  When we ignore one or the other we are essentially wasting our time with what we are doing. 

To further elaborate on the process of Self-Healing one must understand that it is an all-round expression of self-awareness and the taking control of all of the things that can internally and externally affect our health that we have control over. I have included externally as the people around us can have a major bearing on the emotional impact that our body endures. The other part of external is the energetic damage that others can inflict upon us just by draining our energy. In one workshop there was a lady about 50 years old that was the caregiver to her elderly mother, she was saying how tired she was and that her mother was exhausting her. After checked her aura I found that there was an external contact that was taking her energy, which I was sure that it was the mother. I suggested to others in the workshop that they feel the stream of energy that was leaving her. They all checked it out and were able to feel the energy flow. The interesting part was she realized that this connection was her mother and she felt guilty about stopping her mother keep taking her life force energy. In the workshop was a lady of 87 years who told this lady that if she did not look after herself she would not be able to be of help to her mother. The wisdom of this statement made the lady immediately disconnect her mother as she realized that if she were to be incapacitated, her mother would have no one to take care of her. Sometimes we are willing to hurt ourselves by putting others in front of our own well-being. Self sacrifice has no benefits as it can make us ill to the point of death.

Internally, we are energy beings that require life force energy to fuel our bodies which rebuilds our cellular structure, keeps our parts fuelled in order to work smoothly and repair any damaged done to our bodies from our every day living. If the life force energy does not flow and is blocked from flowing; the parts that the life force energy services will deteriorate and die from lack of nourishment. Understanding this fact is paramount to the knowing that we are individually responsible for our own health and therefore must keep the body and mind balanced in order for our life force energy to flow.

Nutrition is just a part of keeping the body health; however food that has not been adulterated is a very important factor in feeding the energy requirements of the body and mind. The food should be of a natural source, as it will have the synergistic energy that our bodies require. Food sources that have been adulterated through the use of chemicals that control growth, kill insects and pests will also carry the residual chemicals that will cause health ailments in humans. “There is no escape, poison is poison.”

The unfortunate concept that food and exercise are what is needed for optimal health of which our institutions promote is only a part of the puzzle since it does not address energy flow. (An automobile can be full of gas and the engine be in perfect tune but still will not work if the electricity is not flowing.) This is just a simple example however it does have a parallel to the human body. The mind and spirit are of critical importance in the whole process of good health and self-healing. The basic foundation of good health is a combination of body, mind and spirit, which should not be forgotten.

Yes exercise is good, but it must be done with moderation in mind. As I write, I am in a park watching people running, some are physically in great condition, others are fat and in poor condition. The thought that passes through my mind is questioning the validity of using such a physically demanding way of hoping to achieve better health at the risk of a heart attack or even muscular and or skeletal damage.

The main point here is to do everything in moderation since excess impacts the emotional side of our being, which in turn will impact the life force energy flow in our bodies as energy blocks will develop.

Growing old gracefully is a concept that if applied would remove a great number of fears of aging, these fears are a part of the emotional mismanagement that our bodies have to endure. Emotions are attached to most of our internal organs such as anger attaches to the liver, stress to the adrenal glands and insecurity to the coccyxal gland. Much can be said on this topic however these writings are about simplicity and to be easily understood

Self Healing is such an important part to remember and must not be taken lightly, the removal of emotional blocks and the balancing out ones energy removes most obstacles that are the cause of many health difficulties that can appear months if not years down the road.

Keeping our life force energy in balance is the most important aspect

of illness prevention and maintaining optimal health.

Thoughts to Ponder

Go quietly through the confusion of life, and remember that there is peace in silence.
Be on good terms with all people without compromise.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others. Avoid loud and aggressive people, as they disturb your spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own knowledge, as it is yours, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Be true and positive to your-self, your affections and loves.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with fears, loss and loneliness.
Be gentle with yourself. Your life will unfold, as it should.
Therefore be at peace with yourself and keep peace in your soul.

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  1. I love it! How much we can begin the process of healing...all on our own..."self" healing...