Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Free Online Meditation Course | Guided Meditation

Please visit:  http://www.onlinemeditation.ca/ to take their free online mediation course detailed below.

For more information about Sahaja Meditation please visit:  http://freemeditation.us/

I believe that many will find this a useful tool in combating stress, just like I did!



iconfeatures_checkmark 10-Part online course
iconfeatures_checkmark Guided Meditations
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iconfeatures_checkmark Easy to follow and FREE
iconfeatures_checkmark All for you to learn how to meditate

This online course will take you on a journey in which you will learn the first steps towards the purest form of meditation, Sahaja Meditation. All knowledge and experience are introduced through videos and audio guided meditations. All the images, music and sounds of nature are so chosen to help guide you and to give you a feeling of peace.

This online course is an introduction to Sahaja Meditation and focuses on the awakening of the kundalini energy, achieving the state of mental silence, balancing and healing your chakras, and eventually learning how to meditate.

Make some time if you want to experiment at home. Because what you could find is something which can give your life a new dimension, a new meaning.

Free Online Meditation Course | Guided Meditation

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