Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Activities, Hobbies, Ideas to Do for Free

Can’t think of anything fun to do for free?  Check out:  Fun Activities, Hobbies, Ideas and Dates to Do for Free | EcoSalon

There are plenty of ideas on there!  Some of my favorites are:

Photograph your meals.

Visit a friend.

Write a letter.

Start a blog.

Go for a full moon walk.

Write secret love notes (even to yourself).

Learn exotic phrases in your favorite foreign language.

Perform random acts of kindness around your neighborhood.

Volunteer to walk dogs at the Humane Society.

Re-imagine reality.


And, a couple that I added myself:

Pick something new to learn and research it on the internet.

Go to the mall or store of your choosing and people watch or window shop and dream.

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