Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick ways to De-Stress

The following are ways to lower your stress level quickly.  Most of these will only take five minutes or less!

Take a mental vacation:  Close your eyes and imagine/visualize that you are somewhere relaxing.  Like a un-crowded beach, or a cruise ship, or in the middle of the woods, etc.  Whatever location you feel would be relaxing.

Turn the music up:  Either turn up what you are listening to (unless of course that is what stressed you out) or pick something that brings to mind good things.  Try to choose up beat music rather than slower music.  Dance around to it a bit as well!

Talk to someone:  Call, send a text or even get into a chat with someone about something totally different than what is stressing you out.

Get some sunlight:  Sunlight enhances the effect of serotonin, which is a mood stabilizing chemical.  You don’t have to go lay out in the sun; just go outside for a bit and let the sun hit you.  Take a brief walk in the sun.

Take a deep breath:  Just stop what you are doing completely, and take several deep breaths!

Distract yourself:  Completely change your activity if at all possible!  Do something unrelated to what you are doing.  Even if doing your chores or other work; then switch to a different chore or project.  You are still being productive, but are taking the little break you needed.

There are many many ways to quickly bring your stress level down to a manageable level!  What are some of the ways you de-stress?  Please leave comments and share your tips and tricks with us!!

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