Monday, August 31, 2009

[Reiki Blessings News] New Course - Joyful Living

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Joyful Living
New Course - Joyful Living
Course description:
Happiness, much like laughter, is contagious and when we can be truly happy from within and independent of all outer circumstances, we bless everyone we come in contact with.
When we can help teach others how to experience true happiness, we help spread Joy and Light throughout the world.
This course will help you cultivate contentment (on all levels), peace of mind, and deep happiness. Armed with these teachings, you will be able to step off of the rollercoaster of “Life’s ups and downs” and maintain a sense of calm inner joy.
You will learn:
  • Techniques to strengthen your aura, so that “happiness thieves” have no effect on you
  • How to be a smile millionaire!
  • That happiness is a choice
  • How to share happiness with others
  • To overcome moods and much more
Learn to be happy all the time and you will see what a blessing it is – not only for yourself but also for your family, friends, co-workers, and everyone you come in contact with.
The course includes:
  • Textbook
  • 2 Audio Learning CDs
  • Workbook with assignments and a final exam
  • Personalized certificate of completion
  • Distance/remote Happiness Attunement, meant to clear away any negative energy from your auric field, in order to make way for a flow of pure Divine Light
(This course credits the Master of Spiritual Healing Degree Program as well as the HHP Program)
Tuition: $50 (monthly payment plan available)
Click here to order!
Reiki Master Course on Sale!

On Sale for a Limited time!
This Reiki Master home study course is for beginners as well as those who have experience in Reiki, including current Reiki Masters. The course consists of
  • Distance attunements
  • Reiki Master Handbook
  • Assignments & exercises
  • Full support & tutorship
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate upon completion
There is no time limit on this course and you should follow it at your own pace.
Tuition: $100 - On sale for a limited time - $90!
Click here to order!
Reiki Blessings Academy • 14618 Tyler Foote Rd #12 • Nevada City • CA • 95959
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