Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friend Connect Social Bar

Maybe you have already noticed the new Google Friend Connect Social Bar at the bottom of the TLC Blog.  If not, it’s there and I decided to talk a little about it so that we could all start interacting more when needed!  I have replace the Followers Module with the Social Bar.  You can still follow or join the blog over to the left side of the social bar.  If you already follow or have already joined then you can sign in on the far left of the social bar.
The next section of the social bar is the running timeline for the entire site and all members.  Right after that is the comment section, where you can click to leave or read comments left through the social bar.  This area does not change how comments are left and read for each article.  So you can either comment on articles on the individual article or by using the social bar so that your comment is seen blog/site wide.  This is also the area where you can ask general questions or leave overall comments about TLC or DV or life coaching or whatever you wish.
On the far right of the social bar is the member area; they renamed followers members and so now we join rather than just follow.  Here is were you can click to see other members, add them as friends, change your site settings, etc. 
If you have questions about using the social bar or need help please don’t hesitate to ask.  I will do what I can to help you.  It has taken me several days and many mess ups to get this working correctly for my self on other blogs!  But, I do love a challenge!  LOL!
I look forward to interacting, and reading your comments!

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