Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freeing our Energy

This is the third in a series of articles by Robert Najemy of Holistic Harmony on Personal Energy (Clarity issue 161).  I will be sharing the rest of the articles with you as well!

Fear, anxiety and anger as stimulants

Emotions then become our stimulants and we subconsciously seek to recreate emotional states so that we can our "dose" or "high". For some the high might be harmless or positive stimulants such as dancing, singing, playing games or sports, telling jokes or watching comedies that provide the energy of laughter.

Stimulation, however, does not need to be of a positive nature. We get as much of an energy rush through negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, anger, pain, and even rejection. Thus we all have learned to stimulate our energy through both pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

Some, become addicted to fear (horror movies) or focusing on emotions of fear or panic and get energy from that. Some like the "rush" of danger when they do extreme sports, drive fast, or perhaps gamble with money, with relationships or even their lives. Winning and losing become important stimulants. For some this can be the appeal of belonging to a sports team and watching and routing for them.

Fears tend to stimulate our flee or fight mechanisms and thus get the energy moving.

We have thousands of fears, but the most common are fear of rejection, disapproval, failure, illness and death for ourselves or loved ones. These can lead us to other energy consuming efforts such as spending time and money to improve our appearance physically, mentally and spiritually, with the hope of being more acceptable and loved. These concerns about acceptance and security then become a major life focus towards which we direct large amounts of time, thought and energy.

Others are addicted to and seek energy from anger and conflict and tend to recreate arguments and discord. They may complain about how others are behaving and the conflicts they are experiencing, but subconsciously they are attracting it. Some establish permanent states of arousal by letting their anger become hate or an obsession with revenge. Such persons might create an unending series of dramas in their lives or minds, or perhaps they will find such drama voyeuristically through soap operas and other similar series, which keep their energy moving - but not replenishing.

Another aspect of this is the game of who is right and wrong, which can engage us in hours of stimulating argument to prove ourselves right and the others wrong. If we simply decided to agree to disagree and love each other anyway, we would experience the natural flow of love energy from within.

We need to remember the difference between stimulating old energy and receiving and using new energy. One leaves us depleted. The other rejuvenates us.

Some stimulate their energy by facing challenges. This might be mountain climbing, hunting or perhaps the hunt and success or failure of the "mating game", which for some persons looses its interest when the other becomes "theirs". They have a continuous need to be after someone who is a challenge and does not easily respond. And when they finally "conquer" that person they loose their source of stimulation and become bored and dissatisfied.

Others stimulate themselves with anxiety about what they have to do and how much time they have or do not have. In fact some people believe that such anxiety makes them more effective. Such persons focus on the future, hardly ever enjoying the present. Anxiety is their drug and they keep up a steady number of reasons to feel that way, in the same way that we keep a fire burning by adding logs. Some fuel their fire of anxiety by worrying about others.

All of these emotions such as fear, anger and anxiety may make us feel alive and awake, but they gradually weaken our nervous and immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to a wide variety of psychosomatic illnesses such as ulcers, asthma, allergies, colitis and even cancer. These are not the ideal way to get feel energized.

Some are addicted to guilt, which might work like a stimulant in some cases and a depressant in others. Others are addicted to falling in love, becoming enamored and then disillusioned - proving to themselves every time that they are unlucky in love.

Many are addicted to the role of the victim and the abused and inwardly feel a positive energy when they are done injustice to, because once again they are the "good guys" and the others are the "bad guys".

Continued in the next issue.  by Robert Elias Najemy

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