Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Importance of Letting Go

Self-Healing Institute  February, 2009  By Bill Hinchcliff  Best Wishes And Good Health

In today’s complex world, ownership is everything. We will fight, kill and steal just to own, however, one must realise that we are only temporary custodians of all things and at any time everything can be taken away including our bodies. We are so involved with ownership that it becomes all encompassing making it difficult to release. Ownership is a temporary state of mind that makes us believe in our own assumed power of control. Aging has the effect of bringing most of us down to the reality that everything is impermanent and ownership looses its power over us.

Our thought mentality, taking ownership of a body ailment just makes sense as in many cases by acknowledging ownership of the ailment we feel empowered which gives is bragging rights to the problem. We are in control! This may be very nice but it only brings the problem closer and keeps it tightly held. By not taking ownership one is then able to be impartial to the nature of the problem and to approach the resolution without emotion. Being detached allows the observer or in this case the self-healer to watch and have the power to be the healer, the observer and not be judgmental which causes the emotions that will impede and stop the desired resolution. The fear of not being in control can be devastating as it takes courage to go into the ibis with only the faith that all will be fine.

Many times in our lifetime we travel on autopilot without considering that we are sometimes our own worst enemy, always choking on the unknown with fear and reservation, believing that we will not be successful in our endeavours. We hold on to our beliefs without being free, we own these beliefs and will not let go, because we think that this is who we are. The mind becomes encumbered with things and thoughts, its chatter creates uncertainty and insecurity, and it won’t let go! Our emotions make us prisoners of our own making, causing health problems starting with constipation, as once again we cannot let go. Choking our livers with valueless emotions of anger and disappointment causing blood disorders, breast ailments and untold other ailments. All organs are interconnected, what troubles one will reflect on the other causing disease.

By letting go and being detachment allows us to act without having the blocks and fears that are associated with failure and loss. Our lives become balanced and whole when we become empowered through letting go of the bonds that restrict.

We have the power to Self-Heal and Self-Diagnose before medical intervention is needed.

Private Self-Healings and Self-Diagnosis workshops can be done via telephone on a one to one basis.  Contact Bill for details.

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