Monday, October 26, 2009

Personal Energy

This is the first in a series of articles by Robert Najemy of Holistic Harmony on Personal Energy (Clarity issue 159).  I will be sharing the rest of the articles with you as well!

Everything is energy and Energy is everything.

Our health, happiness and harmonious functioning in these temporary bodies depend on having abundant quantities of harmoniously flowing energy - without tension or blockages.

When we lack energy or the harmonious flow thereof, we experience tiredness, exhaustion, confusion, pain, illness, weakness, lack of clarity and an inability to deal with daily responsibilities, chores, work, life challenges and other's negativity or demands. A natural result of a lack of energy is depression, pessimism, fear, loneliness, self-rejection, guilt, weakness, self-doubt and feelings of inability and futility.

When we are energized we have greater health, vitality, clarity, effectiveness, productivity, creativity, happiness, peace and gratitude. Our lives are much happier and more enjoyable.

While in these bodies, we are in a constant struggle for energy. We need this energy in order to feel well, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When our energy falls below certain levels we begin to malfunction on all levels and develop defense mechanisms in order to "protect" ourselves - so that we do not "lose any more energy" and hopefully regain our energy. We will discuss these mechanisms later.

We use this one universal energy for all that we do. For example this energy allows us to:
· Keep our bodies alive.
· Keep them warm.
· Move our limbs.
· Communicate with our limbs and organs.
· Deal with bacteria and other foreign bodies.
· Circulate our blood and other nutrients.
· Breathe in oxygen and out toxins.
· Think, create and solve problems
· Speak and communicate in various ways with others.
· Enjoy life's pleasures.
· Love and create children.
· Execute our work and responsibilities here on the planet.
· Observe and analyze our minds and emotions.
· Feel, sense and communicate with the divine.
· Pray, meditate, contemplate and unite with the divine.
And so many more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual activities.

It is essential therefore to discover:
1. How we receive and create more energy.
2. How we can keep our energy high.
3. How most efficiently use this energy
4. How to ensure the harmonious flow of our energy within our energy system.
5. How to exchange energy fairly, properly and harmoniously with people, other beings and elements in our environment.

Making choices concerning our energy sources.
Some activities or substances may increase our energy on the short run but cause us to loose energy, freedom or happiness in the long run.

Most of us seek to replenish our energy in ways that depend on substances, external stimuli and other's behavior. This is not a problem - unless it becomes so. How could it become a problem? Some substances such as stimulants can also be detrimental to our health and ultimately to our energy. For example white sugar, empty of natural nutrients, might give us a short lived energy burst - but shortly after we are even more tired and our reserves of vitamins and minerals needed for the metabolism are being compromise. Similar negative side affects can be attributed to caffeine, soft drinks, alcohol, amphetamines and any other substances we might depend on for short bursts of energy.
A wiser choice here would be grains and legumes, which give us a lasting source of slowly released energy as well as the nutrients needed to metabolize them.

Our energy system is much more enhanced when we engage in movement activities such as dance, exercise, singing, making music or playing sports is than when we are inert spectators to all these forms of movement.

When we need others to listen to us and agree with us, in order replenish our energy, we are dependent on them for our energy level. This is not something we can depend on, especially if we are not willing to give this same energy back to others. They will gradually grow weary if us, and most likely avoid us.

Our ways of increasing and harmonizing our energy will ordinarily evolve as we develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This should be a natural process without inner conflict or self-suppression.

We would all do well to observe the ways in which we seek to replenish or protect our energy and decide if we would like to make any adjustments. The area in which we probably most need to make such adjustments is in the way play "energy games" with others. Such games have an extremely detrimental effect on our relationships and subsequently on our health and happiness.

Continued in the next issue. by Robert Elias Najemy

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