Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Tailored Life Coaching Appreciation Challenge


Here in the US, we have Thanksgiving coming up this month, so let’s look at some of the things that we can give thanks for throughout the month; why only give thanks on one day!  When we are grateful for the people and things that are already in our lives, we attract more of the same ‘type’ to us. 

I read an article a couple weeks ago about a school teacher that gave each of her students a blue ribbon and told them what a difference they had made to her and to the class.  She then challenged each of them to take three of the ribbons out into their homes and communities and present them to others.

That article made me start thinking about showing appreciation of others and giving thanks for what we have.  Far too often we spend more time thinking of who or what we do NOT have in our lives, which prevents us from being happy with what we do have. 

I give each of you this challenge:

Write a paragraph of why you appreciate yourself.  I know this may sound funny or be hard to get started.  We often overlook our own positive qualities when we are stressed and/or hurting.  Remind yourself what it is about you that you are totally happy about, write out how and why you appreciate yourself.  Keep this paragraph and re-read it often, particularly when you are feeling your most down.  Re-write this paragraph as you grow and make changes, to include your growth and changes for the positive.

Think of one person that you appreciate having in your life above all others.  Write a paragraph as to WHY you appreciate this person and give it to them.  It doesn’t matter if you write it by hand and mail it to them or email it to them or even if send it to them on one of the various social networking sites you are on, just make sure they get it.  Follow your appreciation paragraph with this same challenge to them, for them to do the same for someone else.

Please pass this challenge on to others that you did not write a note of appreciation to, ask everyone you know to take this challenge!

Go Empower Yourself!


  1. What a great idea and a way to keep everyone in a great mood heading into the holiday season! I personally think you should expand it to include one person in your personal life, one in your outside activities and one in your professional life.

    Thanks for sharing! I retweeted the post for you too!



  2. Thank you Jesse! I like your idea and will do that. Look for a post with your additions to the challenge on Tuesday.