Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comment on the TLC Appreciation Challenge

On Saturday I issued an Appreciation Challenge to all of you for the month of November.  This post is to add a little more to that challenge for those of you that would like to take it one step further.  I will not claim that I thought of the additional steps; as they are based on the comment below:
Life Coaches Directory said...

What a great idea and a way to keep everyone in a great mood heading into the holiday season! I personally think you should expand it to include one person in your personal life, one in your outside activities and one in your professional life.
Thanks for sharing! I retweeted the post for you too!

Originally I challenged you to do two things;  write a paragraph of why you appreciate yourself and think of one person that you appreciate having in your life above all others,  write a paragraph as to WHY you appreciate this person and give it to them. (For more explanation in case you missed the first post.)

Now I add to that what Jesse suggested.  I only said to give your appreciation to one persona other than yourself, add two more people to that.  Pick one person in the different areas in your life. 

  1. One in your personal or family circle,
  2. One from your activities (this could even be an online friend),
  3. One person in your professional or work circle.

I would love to hear who you have picked and why!  Jesse is correct in saying that this is a great way to put ourselves into a better mood for moving into the holiday season.  Let me know what you think.

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