Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cabin Fever

This time of year many of us suffer from cabin fever.  It is too cold or too wet (or in some cases both) to get out of the house and do anything and if you have kids they are off school for their winter break.  With everyone all cooped up in the house together tempers can flair and everyone can just simply get on each others nerves.

My sister and I were talking about this the other day and I came up with a little fun thing to do, and if you have kids (which she does, 3 to be exact) you could even do this with the kids...if they are willing of course...otherwise have fun by yourself!

We went and got makeovers!

I am not talking about the kind where you have to make an appointment and go in looking like crap so that they can paint you up like a porcelain doll.  I am also not talking about the kind that those of us who can’t afford the first kind know, where you go to the expensive makeup counter at your favorite department store and ask about the products and they do a free ‘sampling’ makeover and give you a hand full of free samples to take home and try.

I am talking about a Virtual Makeover!  You have to make an account at that website, but it is very painless and quick. 

So, sister and I decided to do this Virtual Makeover thing and we exchanged pictures at the end.  The first one is me, the second one is her.

image short blue hair

Ok, so both of us picked blue hair, but that was the fun it!

So, go get your account set up, and play around with different hairstyles and colors and funky makeup colors and have fun chasing away that cabin fever!!!

Go Empower Yourself!


(ps...this works great for those days when you are feeling down or not pretty or not attractive or whatever!  I do this a lot...just as a pick-me-up...even in the summer!)

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