Monday, January 4, 2010

Survivor Joy Journey: Meggs

This week I want to highlight Meggs as a survivor that is thriving!  I have chosen her to be the first survivor that I am highlighting because she is actually the one that inspired me to start doing this..thanks Meggs!  She has come a long way and she deserves to be recognized for her success on her Healing Journey!  Here is her first vlog about her journey:

The song below was written and performed by MeggieMeggs.  This song touched me in so many different ways.  She is a childhood sexual abuse, and a survivor of rape and sexual assault as an adult.  You can read her blog Speaking Out, where she is journaling her Joy Journey using Angela Shelton’s Survivor Manual 30 Day Healing Journey.
I encourage you to click the links above!
MeggieMeggs:  This is a song I wrote not long after I graduated from high school. My cousin and my brother helped me by recording the tracks and some BGVs for me and helping me lay down some quick vocals last year and I decided to share it here. Hope you enjoy it. Yes, that's me singing... and my bro Jason and my cousin Rob. They're awesome. Love them! (Forgive me for the quality - I don't have much of an idea of what I'm doing here. lol)
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Survivor Joy Journey

Each week I will be highlighting a survivor that is on a Joy or Healing Journey and those that are thriving rather than just surviving.  I am doing this so that everyone that has went through any type of abuse knows that it is possible to heal and thrive.  So that we all know that we are not alone and that others have gone through what you have and that it is possible to get through it.