Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Web Based Conference Calls


As an advocate or activist there usually comes a time when you need to set up a conference call.  There are also times when you may just need to make a call that can be recorded easily.  Web-based conference calling can usually handle your need, whatever it may be in regards to having multiple callers, the ability to record, etc etc.

There are several free conference calling sites around, however I have found to be very easy to use, and it allows callers and host to call using Skype, enough time and callers per call.  The host of a call through also has the ability to record the conference calls, as well as using the host web controls to manage the call online in real time.

This is from the website:

Collaborate and conduct your meetings with our free, reservationless conference calling service. This teleconferencing service is simple to use, requiring only a name and email address to receive an instant account. accounts come with host web-based commands. This offering brings teleconferencing to the next level by providing instant conference call functionality to your computer screen. Features like recording, muting, conference lock, Q&A and more are all accessible by both regular touch tone and right on your computer with just a click of your mouse.

In addition, features like conference preferences, Call Detail Reports and recorded conference calls are available online from your account interface. Conference preferences allow you to set entry and exit tone to be on or off upon joining a conference call, set caller count to be on or off and disconnect callers if the host is not present on the conference call. Call Detail Reports and any recorded conference calls are stored in your account for easy retrieval or reference. Plus, there are no contracts, long term commitments or any hidden fees and it’s all available to you for FREE.
Learn more about host web controls in our
Frequently Asked Questions.

Getting Started
Get FREE Service for your free conferencing account with host web-based commands on the home page. Fill out the registration page and click submit. The following page will display your conferencing account and you will have automatic access to all web-based commands. You may begin conferencing immediately by notifying all participants of the day and time for your conference call.

Further details are provided under Support.

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