Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Woman's Final Farewell To Past Hurts

By:  April Lisbon-Peoples

Today I say farewell to self-criticism of my being. I choose today to see myself as a beam of light designed to shine wholeness and happiness to others who I meet.

Today I say farewell to self-sabotaging behaviors. No longer will I remind myself of my past mistakes and failures. No longer will I beat myself up for making choices that did not benefit me. Instead, today I choose to honor learn from my failures and embrace my successes as I am a woman designed with dignity.

Today I say farewell to poor self-esteem. No longer will I compare myself to other people as I realize that there is no one in this world that can be like me. I have not found a person who is able to talk, walk, love, and touch with such passion and inspiration like me. I am often imitated but am never duplicated as there is only one me. Thus today I accept that I am beautiful and am proud of who I am.

Today I say farewell to being a woman scorned, as I cannot rewrite the past. No longer will I sit in a room filled with despair, depression, hopelessness, and unhappiness. I will no longer allow my thoughts of past hurts to impact my health, wellness, career, and wealth. I trade these tight fitting shoes from the past for shoes that I am able to strut myself in without fear of corns or bunions. I will walk with my head held up high, as I am a real woman with creative thoughts, visions, and great pride.

Today I say hello to being a woman who loves life. I am filled with energy no matter what obstacles I may face. I was designed to have success in every area of my life and I happily take hold of the reins.

Today I say hello to being a woman who does not have to settle for less. I no longer have to compromise my happiness just to be like everyone else. Instead I strive to fly with the eagles and embark on my life's journey with grace and tenacity. I am a strong woman. I am a real woman.

Today I choose to love myself for who I am and not what other people want me to be. Why you might ask? I have discovered the strength that lies within me. Through times of hurt, I will strive for healing. When faced with fears, I will find faith and peace. When I am feeling alone I will rest assured there is someone with me. I have finally discovered that I have found a friend and that friend lives deep inside me.

So this is my final farewell to ALL my past hurts as I choose to no longer allow you to reside within me.

April Lisbon-Peoples is a school psychologist in NV working with children with various exceptionalities for more than 5 years. She also enjoys working as a life enhancement coach with areas of training in career, wellness, and relationships. To learn more about what I do, please visit me at

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